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The Helipad construction will be carried out by experienced persons familiar with this type of build

Our work includes all safety features, foundation, concrete, brick work etc. plus all electrical installations for lighting

The Helipad will be designed and constructed to withstand loads required for the heaviest helicopter expected to use the site 

Paths or Walkways - These are constructed based on your requirements, normally matched to existing buildings from the Helipad to wherever you desire

Recommended Landing Area or Helipad - This is sized and constructed based on the application or largest helicopter expected to use the Helipad

Helipad Marking - The Final Approach and Take Off (FATO) Perimeter, Aiming Point and traditional "H" are included in the construction of the Helipad

- We can provide lighting for the FATO Perimeter and Aiming Point, plus a range of other display or flood lighting

Wind Indicators (illuminated) - Supplied & Installed if required

We have an experienced team using our own equipment, all our work is guaranteed to the highest standards and managed by a dedicated project manager

The Helipad Company are fast, efficient and work with you throughout the construction period

We can take on any civil requirements associated with the Helipad construction

The Helipad Company