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The Helicopter Company take your project from start to finish
We can take care of all the formalities and will obtain the necessary consent from the Local Planning Authority
Our Business Model is simple and the project will conducted in two phases
  1. The Local Authority Planning Consent and Siting
  2. Project Execution (see Design and Construction)
No obligation to proceed with Phase 2 until planning is granted 

Firstly we take on the task of obtaining the required planning consent "This will be charged at cost to the buyer "

We carry out the work and all costs involved in producing drawings and filing an application will be paid by the buyer

For the planning application we can recommend the best position for Helipad Siting by using approved calculations to determine the Take Off and Landing Distances required

If planning permission is granted we proceed with Phase 2 of the project, "Project Execution" please refer to the Design and Construction


The Helipad Company